Thursday, January 27, 2011

Damn computer problems........

Wuttup my people? How yall been? 
Im really sorry i gotta dissapoint yall (some of yall probably noticed, there was no posts in January), lately i've been dealing with some computer problems and it's a pain in da ass that i wont be able to continue posting dope hip hop and blessin yall with nuthin but da finest hip hop here on my blog..buuuuuuuuut
As soon as i get things fixed up!...i'm back up in this bitch! On the real.
So to all my followers my bloggers, my fam hip hop fanatics, brothaaaaz nahmean...ya be on the look out...the blog will be back soon.! you wont even dont leave motherfucka...! Grimee got some PHATT shit for the near future.

Peace & Luv
Grimee Rappuh