Thursday, October 20, 2011

O.C.M. - To The Next Level [1994] + Unreleased Material !!!

Your eyes dont lie..... O.C.M.'s mad rare promo album...! (and now its the right time when you say OhMyGod in your ATCQ's voice lol)

I heard alotta folks were after this piece of rarity!.alotta of yall were also wondering if this piece even exists..including me.along with other ''shelved'' never coming out unreleased albums..just to highlight a few ...Bas Blasta's Mouth That Roared..Rampage's Red Oktoba, De'1's - Day One..etc..i could go on and on...
I call them a hip hop album mysteries.....and its impossible to solve'em all.....but with a little luck, connections and digging...we could solve a few....and right know...we just did one...

O.C.M. stands for Organized Criminal Minds, the group consists of 2 members...Rasheem ''Kilo'' Pugh (the rapper) and the Vada Nobles (the producer) hailing from Newark, NJ (and to set things straight they were not from Compton! alotta heads thought they were from Compton because they sounded g funk-ish on some tracks, but i gotta tell ya i heard alotta NJ 90's cats that sounded g-funkish...too...weird isnt it?...was the G Funk sound big influence for some NJ cats back in the 90's..or was the commercial move...well who knows...)

Yall prolly mad kurious how in da hell i got this....
Well who woulda thought...i actually found Rasheem on the Facebook!..So all the credit goes to the brother who goes by the name Rasheem ''Kilo'' ex-OCM rapper successful co-writer of the 5 time Grammy winning album of Lauryn the founder and executive director of the ''Save The Artists Foundation'' in Greensboro, NC.
Mad propz for letting us discover your rare and unheard..previously unreleased projects! Big up!

A lil bit about OCM:
As far as i know...their very first indie single was called:
Head Wett bw Joint Yo, released in 1993...O.C.M. also appeared on the Papa Chuk's posse cut called ''Flip The Shit'' in 1993....and guess what....the featuring on the Papa Chuk's track actually got em a deal with ''Quest/Warner B.'' ..according to Rasheem's words...some A&R was mad interested in OCM..after hearing Papa Chuk's ''Flip The Shit'' track!
Their 2nd single was called ''Watch How You Slang'' which was released in 1994 and this time on the major label. (they also did a video for ''Watch How You Slang'')..And thats preety much erything....dunno really what happened with ''To The Next Level'' album promoting...i remember seeing ''To The Next Level'' album add in the source magazine...but that's preety much erything...

Now lets talk about OCM group's rapper....Rasheem KILO Pugh.....
In 1996 he co-wrote 8 songs on Lauryn Hill's 5 time Grammy winning album called ''Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill'' amazing isnt it?...he also worked with alotta known and respected hip hop/rnb icons such as: LL Cool
J,Scarface,Warren G,Ghostface Killah,Amerie,Fath Evans,Babyface,Aretha Franklin etc.!

And what he's been doin lately........
He's the founder/an executive director of the ''Save The Artists Foundation'' in Greensboro, NC like i mentioned before and his goal is to acknowledge great works by many who contributed to the art and design of the world and to preserve its future through creating resources and a facility for youth to continue its legacy...
If you'd like to get in contact with's his My Space page....

Now.....lets get it on!

O.C.M. - To The Next level  [1994]


01 - Mo Murder
02 - Watch How You Slang
03 - I Don't Want It
04 - The Man That You See
05 - Really Want To Go
06 - Opera (Flow Like The Oprah)
07 - Givin U The Cock
08 - Superman
09 - Mental
10 - Roll Call

NOTE! The Album is not full, some tracks are missing...its better than nuthin..Rasheem sent me a zip and were straight ripped from cassette....

O.C.M. - Unreleased Tracks  [1994]


01 - Wanna Be Me
02 - No Time For Love
03 - Dead End Street
04 - Im Hurting
05 - Like This Like That
06 - Sheem Spolift Point Of View
07 - Kilo Friends Are Like Fam
08 - My Birthday
09 - You Can Count On Me