Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Whooliganz - Whooliganz (Vinyl, 12'') [1995]

All tracks from The Whooliganz Single made in 95' whutt!
There are 3 versions of That Vinyl (some tracks contains remix of this, some of that etc.) (check Discogs) so i put all tracks from all releases in one folder, enjoy!


01 - Whooliganz (Mickey P Radio Mix) (Feat. B-Real)
02 - Whooliganz (Tim Simenon Soundclash) (Feat. B-Real)
03 - Whooliganz (Tim Simenon Scratchadelic Journey) (Feat. B-Real)
04 - Whooliganz (Feat. B-Real)
05 - Whooliganz (Original) (Feat. B-Real)
06 - All Across The Map (Feat. The Fatliners)


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