Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grimee Rappuh Presents: Summa Jamz [2010]

It's Summer Time!!!...it's time to party all night long...it's time to get your groove on...it's time to laid back and cool out...its time for.....
next compilation made by Grimee Rappuh...presentin' you SUMMA JAMZ!
You''ll find hard to find rare joints in dis compilation...and of course the good oll classics that we all wanna hear it in the summer specially on the beach while we just kickin ittttt, So dont sleep peeps!

I wish you all happy, great, juicy, laid back style, hardknock style, playa style, never endin'..wuteva HOLIDAYZ!

Let's max and relax....PEACE!


- Vol. 1 : 

01 - DBG'z - Everybody
02 - Da Youngsta's - Hip Hop Ride
03 - LL Cool J - Loungin' (Who Do Ya Luv Remix)
04 - Suga - What's Up Star
05 - Young Zee - Everybody Get
06 - Sah B - Summa Day
07 - House Of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
08 - M Doc - It's A Summer Thang (Silk's Old Skool)
09 - The Almighty RSO - Summer Knightz
10 - Heavy D & The Boyz - This Is Your Night
11 - A.D.O.R. - Let It All Hang Out
12 - Domino - Sweet Potato Pie
13 - Criminal Nation - When the Homies Come to Play
14 - Skoota - Groovee
15 - Ill Al Skratch - Summertime (It's All Good) (Al's Solo)
16 - Little Shawn - Dom Perignon
17 - Naughty By Nature -  Feel Me Flow
18 - Rottin Razkals - Hey Alright

- Vol. 2:

01 - Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray
02 - Quo - Blowin Up (Teddy Riley Mix)
03 - DJ Honda - On The Mic
04 - Rampage Feat. 702 - We Get'z Down (Remix)
05 - Ill Biskits - Chill Factor
06 - Da Brat - Funkdafied
07 - I Smooth 7 - My Hood In Da Summertime
08 - Pos Neg - No Doubt
09 - Q - Summer Time
10 - A Lighter Shade Of Brown - Hey D.J.
11 - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Scream
12 - Doug E. Fresh - Doug E. Got It Goin' On
13 - Krash Man - Nothin But A Party
14 - Heavy D & The Boyz - I Got Love For Ya (Easy Mo Bee Hip Hop Remix)
15 . Smooth - It's Summertime (LP Version)
16 - Kurious - Uptown Shit
17 - Potna Deuce - Cool Thang
18 - Royal Flush - Can't Help It (Remix)

Rare Bonus Track:

Big Tabb - It's Nice Outside


  1. Good. I don't mind any of these tracks.

    Hmm. I downloaded Lost Boyz Legal Drug Money last day and it's pretty good, some say a classic. Did you knew about this crew from Queens? They got very energetic style. There are so many groups i don't even know where i start.

    My favorites are:

    Mainly eastcoast rap from the 90's, after that the creativity was lost mainly, the complexity in rhymes in the 90's was almost blewing everything away. New York was always a centre of this development.

    I like (liked):
    1st album of Nas
    Mobb Deep first 3 albums
    Pete Rock & Cl Smooth
    Wu Tang Clan 1st Album and first debutes of the members
    Big Punisher 1st album
    Everything from the DITC crew (producers like Lord Finesses are having a great production style)
    Big L
    Early Erick Sermon albums, Jamal debut
    First Redman albums, so crazy drug style
    Nororious BIG debut album
    Lost Boyz debut album

    as for the West Coast:
    2 Pac early albums
    Dr Dre The Chronic, SDD - Doggystyle, Warren G debut, Alkaholiks debut + second album, Dogg Pound, The Dove Shack, The Twinz - Conversation
    Souls of Mischief
    Ice T early 90 albums
    Ice Cube early 90 albums
    King T early albums
    Ras Kass early albums
    The Game
    everything from Nipsey Hussle
    Jay Rock

    back at the east coast: Naughty by Nature, Artifacts, Queen Latifah, Da Youngstas (from Philadelphia), early Onyx albums, Mic Geronimo, Sadat X early stuff, Brand Nubian, Krs One early albums, Double XX Posse, Special Ed, Crhyme Fam (album to drop 2010!), Infamous Mobb, Prodigy, Tragedy Khadafi (but very hard albums), early A Tribe Called Quest, NYGZ, Almighty RSO, Gang Starr, The Reprezentativz, Boot Camp Click, Black Moon, Smif n Wessun, OGC ...

    I could go on but there are too many.

    Hip Hop music was great in the 90's, but i think it had its time, sadly. There are still talents required, but they can't sell much with the music mafia established. Just look on the west coast for Nipsey Hussle, he is the next big thing out of L.A., his album drops August 31. All his releases that were mixtapes were good.

    I listen to the old classics and i am searching crazy for new stuff. And it's overbooming with blogs. That's just great.
    I will visit this blog often. Right now i don't have a special album that i want to have but in some time ...
    Probably from the INI crew (formed with Pete Rock) i am searching material.

    Keep up the work

  2. thanks fam!...real talk!
    well we all know 90s is where its at.after late 90s all went down..hip hop started globalizing..
    became popular on every continent..so what can we do? ...keep the real hip hop alive....and with this blog i get the chance to show people and bring them alotta forgotten 90s stuff...keepin it alive this way or another..
    thanks for droppin comment man!
    and if you lookin for anything specific dropp the comment at my December post ''# My Collection Of LP's, EP's, 12''s.....''....peace