Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rare Greg Nice Productions/Features!

Yall know who is Greg Nice!..A god damn  hip hop legend right here...namsayin?!,
So i decided to bless yall with some rare Greg Nice Features/rare shit he produced for some really talented artists..too bad they all kinda dissapeared after their first and only single.
Im preety sure most of yall forgot/or dont even know how many dope rare/unknown artists he produced...
here are 4 dope singles!

Mellow-T - Keep It Real (Vinyl, 12'')  [1993]


01 - Keep It Real
02 - Keep It Real (Instrumental)
03 - Keep It Real (Remix)
04 - Keep It Real (Remix - Instrumental)

Phat Doug Feat. Preacher Earl - Here We Go bw Hands Up High (Vinyl, 12'')  [1995]


01 - Here We Go (Blast From The Past Mix)
02 - Here We Go (Original)
03 - Here We Go (Acappella)
04 - Here We Go (Blast Instrumental)
05 - Here We Go (Instrumental Original)
06 - Hands Up High Feat. Preacher Earl, Greg Nice

Preacher Earl - Solos And Guest Spots (MIXTAPE)  [1995]


01 - Gunz (The Buckshot Mix)
02 -14 Floors To The Lobby
03 - Return Of The Body Snatcha
04 - Fool I Got Your Back
05 - Blessed With My Daughter
06 - Grab Your Gat. Feat. Tim Dog
07 - Hands Up High Feat. Phat Doug
08 - Down The Line Feat. Nice & Smooth
09 - Phat Doug, LS, Preacher Earl & Greg Nice - Don't Talk Me To Death

Babigezus And Da Allstars Feat. Greg Nice - Can't Hold Us Down (Vinyl, 12'')  [1996]


01 - Can't Hold Us Down (Vocal Remix) Feat. Greg Nice
02 - Can't Hold Us Down (Instrumental Remix)
03 - Can't Hold Us Down (Accapella) Feat. Greg Nice
04 - Can't Hold Us Down (Vocal Babigezus Mix) Feat. Greg Nice
05 - Can't Hold Us Down (Yard Boy Mix) Feat. Greg Nice
06 - Can't Hold Us Down (Instrumental)


  1. Crazy, crazy dope post!

    R U gonna send me that Red Hot Lover track or what? :)

  2. Thaaaank you very much! i was searchin' mellow t

  3. thanks bro)
    Mellow-T - Keep It Real (Vinyl, 12)-please re-up, on 11.5MB download is stopping((((

  4. hey bro ! do u can upload your disc number 442. C. Boogie Brown (From LONS) - One Deep Tonight (Vinyl, 12'') [1999] please!!!!!!

  5. Great stuff! I knew about these cats but never actually thought they released anything. LOL!

  6. @ Jussumman the link works just fine...i downloaded it and it seems everything its just fine...
    must be something wrong with your connection..try to download again peace