Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pat Leach - Is U Wit It (Vinyl, 12'') [1998]


01 - Is U Wit It
02 - Is U Wit It (Instrumental)
03 - Is U Wit It (Radio Edit)
04 - Blue Print
05 - Blue Print (Instrumental)
06 - Blue Print (Radio Edit)



  1. Ey man,

    is it possible to up "Slo-o Devil on my back"?

    Thanks given

  2. im not fammiliar with this?
    is this another release or sumthin'?

  3. No man,

    it is not belonging to this upload, but a own album from the rapper Slo-o. The album is titled "Devil on my back".

    It was released 2008 and it is from the Bay Area.

    I couldn't find an upload during my researches on the net. And i don't know how to handle or any page that offers a buy outside of Europe.

    The album is reviewed as very good and it seems to be while i listened small examples of it very own and unique.

    That is why i was searching for a upload and i asked for it.

    Peace shall be with you

  4. oh okay,well good luck with it..i never heard it least i cant remember nobody by that name...90's hip hop would be my cup of not into 00s hip hop much some of course..but cant be compared to my 90s knowledge..sorry

    try ebay...musicstack, discogs...etc..
    hmm i never used amazon before so i cant tell you how they runnin things using ebay only...try ebay my man.

  5. Hello
    I'm looking for a song. It would be great if you can help me.
    The song is "Eso lo que va! (Azul mix)" from the Magic Juan's "You don't gotta clue" 12''. I had this song in a tape a lot of years ago. Please, contact me.

  6. @ el jefe...all the requests must be dropped at my
    collection post...