Monday, March 21, 2011

Grimee Rappuh Presents: Big L - Pre-Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous (UNRELEASED) [1994]


01 - Principal of the New School (Demo)
02 - Unexpected Flava (Demo)
03 - Give It To 'Em L (Original Demo Mix)
04 - No Endz, No Skinz (Original Demo Mix)
05 - I Can't Understand It (Original Demo Version)
06 - Devil's Son
07 - I Shoulda Used A Rubba (Demo)
08 - Timez Iz Hard  (Demo)
09 - School Dayz (Demo)
10 - 8 Iz Enuff (Demo Version)
11 - How Will I Make It (Unreleased)
12 - Rock N. Wills Hardpack Tape The Symphony ft. Lord Finesse (Bonus Track)
13 - Rock N. Wills Hardpack Tape Ain't No Half Steppin' ft. Lord Finesse (Bonus Track)


Propz to my homie Dope AKA RuleOne for the cover art!


  1. Word up fam, R.I.P. to one of the greatest to ever scorch a mic.

  2. yes we know. I didn't believe it when i saw this version. Hey Grimme Rappuh, are the demo tracks in a very good quality?

    I heard megaupload is centralized in Hong Kong. May i don't need to worry about them when they have my ip-adress? Or?

    On the real, i think they give a fuck about it when i dl this, or am i wrong?


    very good material, i might dl when you get my questions answered.

  3. @ biznes , yes fam...the tracks are in decent it if you wanna....but i cant answer you the question about this hong kong thing...what really does it matter lol?

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  5. thanks for the love tongchen@seattle !...yes im from Slovenia...sure let me check out this your site or?

  6. i've checked the site fam...but i dont understand jack sorry...since everything its in japanese/chinese language.

  7. @Freaksta

    as i said these asses can store my ip-adress. It doesn't matter if it's megaupload or any filehoster of another provider. It's is risky, cause they can want money. Cause any download is illegal. Maybe you in your country are more safe.

    It is not secure. At all.
    Let's hope life is delicious and the year will be great. Even if where i am located every day people are unhappy and feel bad cause of depression and no perspective. Me sometimes, too.