Sunday, April 17, 2011

CRDS and Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop Presents: NYC Raw Volume 2 [2011]

How about some hardcore? ...Yeah we like it raw!!!
So Am i!,,,And my fellow hip hop blogger and my homie Big ''Jaz'' over at:  (Peep his blog, you wont be dissapointed....there's mad buttas son!)

......So me and Jaz decided to create this compilation together...and we proudly presents you our first compilation collabo (there's more to come!)....called NYC RAW Volume. 2.....(peep his blog for volume's  a must!)....
This compilation right here is all about that good ol' early to mid 90's signature boom bap type sounds...straight from the guttas and sewas of rotten apple...and i guarantee you ya wont be dissapointed!.....

Dwelling in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled............


Grimee side (Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop):

01 - Tripps - Rage

02 - Raw Approach - Wrong Nek Of Da Woodz (Brownsville Mix)

03 - Freddie Foxxx - Can't Break Away

04 - Main One - Nigguz Ain't Got It
05 - Down South - Open Sesame

06 - Hillfiguz - Boom

07 - Kaotic Style - Represent

08 - Queen Latifah Feat. Heavy D, Treach & KRS-One - Rough

09 - Blackstract - Diary Of A Mad MC

10 - Gunslinguz - Why You Wanna Test My Skills


Jaz Side (Cold Rock Da Spot):

01 - Ill Breed Militia - What's An I-Eleven

02 - Tha Lowa - Don't Crossover

03 - Pretzels Logic - The Promo

04 - Crooked OZone - Insane

05 - Phade 2 Black - Torture

06 - Reggie Reg - NJ Connection
07 - Splattahouse - Men Of War

08 - Lost Cawz - Hookz

09 - The Ripper - Still In The Mood (Remix)
10 - Bornsinnas - Born Sinnin' 



  1. Yeah man, you did it.

    Where the hell comes all this material from?
    Fredro Starr said once: Hip Hop got more followers than Jesus. And that's a fact that i see proven here.

  2. monstrous collaboration!!! two of the best blogs out there for this stuff

  3. thanks guys haha word Kingman! preciate dat Anonymous!

  4. much love from Greece