Wednesday, November 9, 2011

R.I.P. Dwight Myers ''Heavy D''

It's a sad day for the hip hop world.....
Can't believe we just lost another great rapper/MC an actor, producer, singer & a member or better yet the LEADER of the legendary hip hop super group called ''Heavy D & The Boyz''. straight from money earnin Mount vernon, NY.
MC Heavy D Born ''Dwight Myers'' was a huge influence for me because of his versatile skills...he was crazy smooth with the ladies! the owerweight lover and there's no other!...his sense of humor was mad powerful..alotta times when i was down  it got me in the better mood in no time, Heavy D could do it all...he's been there since day one and he is the originator of the ''Don't Curse'' Rap hehe...and what i liked the most was Heavy d's hardcore rhymin ability even though he was the smooth type...i think i could not live without his party jams in the summer im talkin about the good ol 90's Hev's party anthems.that always puts you in the good mood...Heavy D really had a big impact on me because i can relate to every song he made....and it dont matter in which kind of mood i've been/i am...he always had the answer.
So this one's for you Hevster, youll always be remembered as a great musician,performer,rapper/MC the man who changed me in the positive way.
Rest in peace brother

PS: I hope you're chillin in the better place now with your boy Trouble T Roy. RIP

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